MASM partners with YASHODA hospital to empower medical professionals

In a remarkable effort to enhance its healthcare services and elevate the standard of medical care in Malawi, the Medical Aid Society of Malawi has sent a delegation of three esteemed professionals for training at YOSHIDA hospital in India.

The decision by MASM to invest in the professional development of its staff underscores the society’s commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare services to its members. By sending their most capable individuals to train at YASHODA hospital, renowned for its world -class medical facilities and expertise, MASM ensures that it remains at the forefront of advancements in the healthcare industry.

Under this groundbreaking initiative, the team of highly qualified healthcare professionals will broaden their scope of knowledge in their areas of expertise.

Founded in 1989 by Dr GS Rao and donning 2000 beds, YASHODA hospital is a multi-speciality healthcare provider with exceptional training capability, which plays a crucial role in enhancing professional development within the medical field. The hospital offers various training programs and initiatives that aim to empower healthcare professionals with the latest skills, knowledge and techniques required to provide the highest quality care to patients. Training programs encompass multiple disciplines, including nursing, medical technology, paramedics sciences, and various medical specialities. The hospital’s strong collaboration with leading academic institutions, research organisations and healthcare professionals further enrich the training opportunities available to medical professionals.

The business manager for MASM’s emergency medical services, Lusungu Chirambo, the matron for mediclinics Lucious Chifundo Kwakwalani and the nurse for mediclinics McMillan Ndau will benefit immensely from the comprehensive training at YASHODA hospital. The transfer of skills and knowledge acquired during their month-long time in India will have a positive impact on the society and its members. These professionals will bring back invaluable expertise in emergency medical services, clinical management, and administration, raising the healthcare standards within the MASM facilities.

The cordial working relationship between MASM and YASHODA Hospital has been instrumental in facilitating this unique opportunity. The collaboration between these two institutions highlights the shared commitment to excellence in healthcare provision. The partnership has enabled the sharing of best practices, the exchange of knowledge, and the capacity building of medical professionals, resulting in improved medical services for society at large.

Dr Ulemu Katunga, CEO of MASM, expressed his gratitude towards YASHODA Hospital for their unwavering support and commitment to the enhancement of healthcare in Malawi. He stated, “The MOU between MASM and YASHODA hospital is a groundbreaking milestone for us. It will serve as a catalyst for positive change in our healthcare sector. By investing in the professional development of our health professionals, we are investing in the health and well-being of our members and the country at large”. He asserted.

On his part business development manager for YASHODA hospital Dr Rohan Biradar said the partnership between MASM and his hospital will provide an opportunity for the staff of YASHODA hospital to further develop their teaching and mentoring skills, as well as gain insights into the healthcare practices and challenges at the Medical Aid Society of Malawi. He observed, “The partnership with MASM will enhance YASHODA’s reputation, expand its professional network, and contribute to the professional development of its staff” he affirmed.

The collaboration between MASM and YASHODA hospital carries numerous benefits for the healthcare sector.

Firstly, it will significantly contribute to the professional development of the healthcare experts, allowing them to be at the forefront of modern healthcare practices. The knowledge and skills gained during their training will be invaluable in improving the quality of services provided to both MASM members and non-members.

Further, the partnership will foster a meaningful exchange of ideas and best practices between MASM and YASHODA hospital.

The training program at YASHODA hospital is the first step in a series of initiatives undertaken by MASM to elevate healthcare standards in all its facilities and the country at large. It is hoped that the knowledge and expertise gained by these health professionals will not only empower the team members, but also inspire their colleagues to strive for excellence in their respective fields.