About Us

MASM is the first and largest Medical Aid (Health Insurance) services provider in Malawi and has been in operation since 1983.

Amongst many achievements, today, MASM leads the healthcare industry in the sector of health insurance in Malawi, otherwise known as medical aid. MASM has grown to become the largest and most secure provider of medical aid in Malawi, holding more than 87% share of the private health insurance market.

As the largest Health Insurance services provider in the country, MASM has the largest service provider network with over 500 service providers offering various healthcare services to the Malawian population in all the four corners of the country. The Society has established strategic international partnerships to ensure seamless access to health care service facilities for its members who require healthcare services available in those countries.

Why Choose Us

Our unmatched premium packages give you access to the following value and services:

Affordable premiums

Funeral cover

National footprint

Wellness & Gym facilities

Ambulance Services

Senior Citizen cover

Our Vision

A market leader in the provision of affordable healthcare solutions to all

Our Mission

We endeavour to satisfy our members by providing innovative and affordable healthcare solutions through our wide network of service providers and efficient processes

Our Process

Simply to listen to our members and service providers. By doing this, we learn more of your needs and put together the best services for you.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: Moral uprightness defines our way of doing business


  • Customer Excellence: Members’ satisfaction is our Top Priority


  • Efficiency: Proficient process optimization to the satisfaction of our Members and Service Providers


  • Innovative: Always finding best ways to serve our Members and Service Providers