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On 18th June 2020, the Medical Aid Society of Malawi and NICO Life Assurance Company entered into a partnership where the MASM funeral benefit will now be provided through the MASM Group Funeral Policy, underwritten by NICO Life. The MASM Group Funeral Policy takes effect from 1 st July 2020.

The MASM Group Funeral Policy provides enhanced funeral benefits that ensure the deceased member is accorded a decent and dignified funeral service in line with our promise and commitment of being “with you from the cradle to the grave”.

Through this policy, the funeral benefit shall be provided as a service through registered funeral parlours to ensure consistency and quality of service. All active MASM members are covered under this MASM Group Funeral Policy.

In the event of the death of a qualifying MASM member, please immediately contact your nearest MASM or NICO Life office for assistance.


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