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Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM) has partnered Health International of South Africa to provide two additional medical health insurance products targeting business owners and executive management personnel.

The agreement includes access to medical services from countries within sub-Saharan Africa where Masm is not operational.

According to MASM Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Chikoti, MASM members under Platinum Diamond category will now have medical cover of up to $1 million per annum.

“Those registered for Super Emerald will get cover of $250,000 per member per annum. We are now working closely with local commercial banks to make sure that remittances are made on time.“ Chikoti said.

Chikoti said the engagement will be ongoing to ensure that remittances are always up to date.

“We will be working hand in hand with the banks, so that in cases where the country faces foreign exchange shortages, they should be able to make remittances on time so that our members are not affected in any way," he said.

Health International Marketing Officer, Sue Phillips, said the two schemes will address some of the challenges MASM faced in terms of provision of medical cover to patients requiring treatment abroad.

“The schemes will provide cover in all emergencies, evacuation by road and air, including cross border treatments. We will also provide cover in elective treatments and procedures, full cover for cancer and other illnesses and chronic conditions," said Phillips.

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