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Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM) has partnered a Zimbabwean-based medical insurance firm Health International which will ensure it accesses services provided by the foreign firm at a certain premium for each package.

The medical insurance comes in two packages namely Super Emerald Membership Plan, with a $250 000 (about MK182 million) worth of benefit per person per year and Platinum Diamond Membership Plan with a a $1 million (MK730 million) worth of benefit person per year.

MASM chief executive officer Sydney Chikoti said the partnership is in response to the needs of its clients.

He said: ““The kind of packages we were providing were not as adequate as expected by our clientele. There are some members who were willing and can afford more enhanced kind of packages; hence, this partnership.

“The partnership comes with an assurance to our customers that should there be an emergency, they are fully covered.”

On her part, Health International marketing specialist Sue Phillips said with the partnership, MASM members can access medical cover beyond Malawi borders.

“Medical facilities may not always have services to treat emergencies and other life-threatening situations locally. This partnership gives an option to the members to receive better facilities outside the country, ’ she said.

The packages cover medical emergencies, evacuations by road and air, including cross-border, elective procures, pre-authorised specialist referred in the region and India, treatment for cancer, cover throughout sub-Saharan Africa and travel worldwide by urchasing top up days.

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