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MyBucks Banking Corporation Malawi has partnered Medical  Aid Society of Malawi (Masm) to simplify payment of subscriptions fees.

This means that Masm members can pay subscription fees in all MyBucks Malawi branches nationwide and also through its digital platform *632# flex mobile.

The Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM) has revised member contribution rates and benefit packages effective July 1, 2021 following a careful evaluation of the post Covid-19 pandemic implications and effects.

MASM CEO Sydney Chikoti in announcing the adjustments explained that it was in accordance with the Board of Trustees December 5, 2020 AGM resolution in Mzuzu not to increase the rates at the peak period of Covid-19 whose negative economic effects on members were severe towards the end of 2020 and first quarter of 2021.

The Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM), would like to inform its esteemed members that they can access COVID 19 services at approved and certified private facilities offering such services, with immediate effect on the following terms:

  1. Members who have been tested, found positive and admitted for Covid 19 shall be covered for treatment subject to the following limits;1. Members who have been tested, found positive and admitted for Covid 19 shall be covered for treatment subject to the following limits;
    • VIP Scheme Category -  K 3 Million
    • Executive Scheme Category - K 1.5 Million
    • Econoplan Scheme Category - Eligible for treatment at Government and Mission hospitals
  2. Members who test positive and require treatment without admission will be covered for testing and payable prescribed medication. Where Ivermectin has been prescribed, MASM will reimburse to a maximum of MK6,000.00
  3. MASM will not pay for mass screening or self-referrals where negative results arise.
  4. Please note that the full list of approved and certified service providers for such care will be released once confirmed by the Medical Council of Malawi.

Note: All Scheme rules, terms and conditions still apply.


You can now pay for your MASM monthly contribution instantly with FDH Bank using your mobile phone. No need to take proof of payment to MASM. If your account is suspended, it will reactivate immediately. Dial *525# to transact.

Due to policy considerations, we wish to advise that BLM Clinics have been re-categorized in the way they deal with MASM. With this, effective 1st April 2020, BLM Clinics will operate on premier provider basis regarding MASM members and thus all outpatient services will attract a shortfall of 25% on all MASM scheme types.

We understand that this decision may unduly inconvenience some of our members who are accustomed to utilizing BLM Clinics or facilities. Be advised however that MASM has taken all necessary actions to ensure and minimise such inconveniences. these include registering other equally suitable facilities in the respective areas to provide medical care in the alternative.

We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Yours Faithfully,
Dorika Chirwa
Chief Operations Officer

Friday 29 June 2019 afforded me a noble opportunity to fufil my acceptance of the Nation Publications Sleepover Challenge at Likoma Health Centre. The Nkhata Bay - Likoma Island lake journey to raise funds for Safe Motherhood Initiative was an assignment that left me with a very broken spirit. Truth be told, this was the most heart rending trip I have ever experienced in a long time. An adventure of its own horror, but eye opener on the pains experienced by mothers and their newly-born babies stranded on a land surrounded by waters.

The Boat ride and welcome at the dock - mmmhh a story for another day titled ‘Living at Likoma Island - the Hawaii of Malawi (or is it, or can it be?)’

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